About the company

Mööbliekspert Paigaldus OÜ was established in November 2008. We promptly began focusing on the quality and flexibility of our services. The core team of Mööbliekspert has experiences in the sector since 2001.

Mööbliekspert began its installation work in Estonian furnishings, but due to the decrease in workload in Estonia, the company moved on to the Finnish market, seeing a great leap in installation volumes in 2009. The next logical step was to enter the Nordic markets and elsewhere in Europe. Today, we have carried out projects in 15 different countries. The majority of our work takes place in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. To a smaller extent also in Latvia and Lithuania.

Our objectives are to:

You can review the list of projects in the completed projects menu. Continuous activity has provided us with an excellent level of experience that allows us to handle any project.

Over time, Mööbliekspert’s installers have installed products (furniture, windows, doors and partition walls) for a variety of institutions such as: